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Sequatchie County Court House


Sequatchie County Court House

The Sequatchie County Court House is a public building...

Sequatchie County Sheriff’s Office

The Sequatchie County Sheriff's Office is a law enforcement...

Dunlap City Hall

The Dunlap City Hall is a public building located...

Sequatchie Chamber of Commerce

The Sequatchie County Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit...

The Sequatchie County Court House is a public building located in Dunlap, Tennessee that serves as the administrative and judicial center for Sequatchie County. The Court House houses various government offices and agencies, including the county clerk’s office, the county commission, and the county court system. The Court House is responsible for maintaining important records and documents related to the county, including deeds, wills, and court proceedings. The Court House also serves as a venue for public meetings and events, and is a popular destination for those interested in local history and architecture. The Court House is open to the public during regular business hours and is typically closed on weekends and holidays.

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22 Cherry St, Dunlap, TN 37327

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(423) 949-2522